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Theatre Lovers (screener)
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SHORT / 2019 / 10 min / 35mm negative

Theater Lovers captures a moment in time. A young man of colour in a Berlin café gets approached by an elegant middle class woman who's interested in the book he's reading. Thinking she has him figured out, she is about to be surprised when she invites him to a theatre play later that night.




First Camera Assistant: Eduardo Mattos 
Second Camera Assistant: Alex DePew 
Clapper-Loader: Gregor Cunningham 

Stills Photographer: Lucía Maraver 

Chief Electrician : John F. McClellan 
Electricians: Luka Matijašič and Virgile Bikindou 

Key Grip: Luke Sullivan 

Sound Recorder: Andrea Parolin 

HMU: Artur Galeno

Stand-in for Mr. Abubakar: Basil Hylton  

Storyboard Artist: Zeehyun Soh 

Special Thanks 

Anna Jarocka 
Stefan Düll
Thomas Metzger 
David Meynen
Jyrki Arnikari 

Starring Saddiq Abubakar, Anne Alexander Sieder, Nela Mie Cara, Dirk Baumgarten


Director & Writer: Saddiq Abubakar 

Produced by: Saddiq Abubakar and Kaspar Kamu

Executive Producer: Jochen Sturm and Mohammed Abubakar 

DoP: Kaspar Kamu 

Casting Director: Juliana Vaz 
Line Producer: Maximilian Hink 

First Assistant Director: Georgina Foley
Second Assistant Director: Danting Chan 
AD PA: Lucien Noe 

Continuity: Laura Tufano

Art Directors:Louise Pons
Set dresser: Sonji Jang 

Costume Designer: Magdalena Starczyk 
Costume Assistant: Dominik Szczepaniak

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