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Noturno Official Trailer
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Written and directed by Eduardo Mattos


Starring Nell Pietrzyk and Kalle Perlmutter 

Produced by Jonas Teitge
Cinematography: Kaspar Kamu

Assistant director: Matheus Ludwig Agudelo

Co-Producer: Alex Pescosta

HMU: Artur Galeno

Sound: Fynn Meese

Drone operator: Flight Media GmbH

SHORT / 2017 / 13 min / 4K 

By juxtaposing images in an assemblage the film brings two characters together, a mysterious man and a girl from a small village. The two have more in common than it would be expected at first sight: the interest for photography, the loneliness and an out of the social context life.




Production design: Fernanda Figueiredo
Edited by: Magnus Schmidt
Colorist: Jeffrey Yaworski

Camera assistant: Gregor Cunningham
Gaffer: Anthony Tenambergen
DIT: Luca Forcignanò Serri

Music and sound design: Norton Bell

Click here for list of festival screenings and awards.

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